There’s not much that I can say about myself except the fact that I really think I am a chameleon.

Yes, a chameleon.

I blend in. Totally.

For a bigger picture I am also:

a mother of three (imagine the picture of an octopus)

an acupuncturist (this doesn’t mean sadistic by nature, ok? Acupuncture is relaxing and soothing)

a cinema and theater graduate (it happens…)

having also flirted with dental technics (nah, didn’t fall in love)

of course, a knitter, (Stephen West is my idol)

a heavy metal fan (non-negotiable, everybody needs survival)

an amateur photographer (the beginning was epic)

and a pro French omelette cook (no joking, big emphasis on this one!)

Have I mentioned my eternal stubborn struggle on sushi making? (sometimes  edible, really)…

OMG, is this me?…

Ok, …. I will neither come back on my words, nor read them again.

Just try not to be too judgmental and you will survive surfing this blog.

(No you won’t. At some point you will break. And be judgmental… ha ha)

Let’s come together to a friendly conclusion: I’m an autodidact.

(and, no, I will never show pictures of how I cut my children’s hair…)